Blowcomotion at HonkTX! 2019

Come listen to home town favorite Blowcomotion at HonkTX! 2019. We’re playing at free venues all weekend and so are other fabulous bands from around the country. Here’s where we’ll be playing this weekend:

Friday 3/29

Mueller Amphitheater
6PM – 30 minute set.
8PM all band preview

Saturday 3/30

Spider House Parking Lot
2:15pm – 45 minute set  with special guests Yes Ma’m Band and the HonkTX Volunteer Band.

Sunday 3/31
Pan Am Park
Noon – Parade in the morning
5pm – All band revue 5pm (we are second-to-last on the list and will play two songs)

See the full HonkTX! 2019 schedule for all the great bands you can see this weekend.

Happy Honk!