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Blowcomotion to appear in CBS TV Series – That Animal Rescue Show

Blowcomotion will appear in the CBS docuseries That Animal Rescue Show, premiering Oct. 29 on CBS All Access. Produced by five-time Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Richard Linklater, the series follows Austin’s animal rescue community.

How did Blowcomotion get involved? In February, we performed a benefit show at Central Texas Pig Rescue’s Pig Pageant. It turned out to be our last in-person gig before Covid!

A CBS crew filmed the festival, with Blowcomotion’s grand entrance and performance included. Now, we will be featured in an episode of That Animal Rescue Show. Check out the trailer for the series here.

That Animal Rescue Show – Trailer clip © CBS Interactive.

All episodes of That Animal Rescue Show begin streaming October 29th on CBS All Access. More details here.