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Welcome to the second Blowcomotion Newsletter! This newsletter is to keep all our band members, future band members, volunteers and supporters updated on what we have been doing and what we have planned for the future.


Well, for a group of people who enjoy getting together to learn and play music, this time has been extremely difficult. We took social distancing very responsibly and held our last practice on March 10.  

As you may know, Honk!TX was postponed.  We can’t wait for the rescheduled date.  The Texas Community Music Festival was also postponed. The new date is the end of August and we plan on participating on August 25.

So far, none of our Blowcomotion band mates have been sick with coronavirus, but we are saddened that some of our friends and family have had the virus.  We are also saddened by the financial impact social distancing has had on our friends and family.  We hope we will be able to practice together in person at some future date. When that time comes, we’ve been practicing and we’ll be ready. We hope you will join us.

We are grateful for those who continue to make contributions to us via checks and PayPal.  And thank you to our anonymous benefactor for your generosity. 

New Teachers

Our low brass teacher, John Dinning, is taking some time off from Blowcomotion to be a new dad. We have a few people substituting for him.

Sean Harvey is our newest percussion teacher.  He started back in January and we love his instruction.

New Logo and Merchandise

We have a new logo – which is at the top of this page. And, in the future, we will be selling merchandise! T-shirts, stickers.  Email us at for updates.

New Instruments

Thanks to everyone’s support, Blowcomotion purchased more instruments for its instrument lending program. We found two cornets at the Austin ISD warehouse sale – all they needed were a little cleaning and mouthpieces. They are both ready for loaning. Recently we found a flute also ready for loaning.  

If you find some unused band instruments in the back of your closet, please consider donating to us.

To borrow one of the Blowcomotion instruments, please email us at for instrument availability and requirements.

Our January Gigs

In January, we had so much fun at the Central Texas Pig Rescue’s Pig Pageant.  The Pageant was held at Mueller and we joined our friends in Minor Mishap Marching Band in entertaining the crowds before the start of the Pageant.  

After the Pig Pageant we played at a special birthday party for our band mate and friend, David Wittie.

Our Future Gigs

August 25 – our first performance at the Texas Community Music Festival is scheduled for Central Market on N. Lamar at 7 p.m.


Fundraising is hard.  Right now, it is especially difficult with so many needing help to get through this economic crisis.  Our needs are small; we continue to pay our teachers for helping us learn to play our instruments – that is our only current expense.  

To help with fundraising, we’ve launched a Patreon page.  To access our Patreon account, you can go to  For as little as $5 per month, you will be able to access our livestreams and giveaways (well, when we start playing together.)  


Our sectionals get together online about once a week. Our teachers have also prepared helpful videos so when we return to playing as a band, we will sound awesome.  If you need contact information to join the online sectionals, email us at and we will get the sectional information to you.


In February we sent out a survey to everyone on the email list for input. “Thank You” to the 23 people who answered – we found it very helpful! 

Some interesting facts:

54% have been playing in Blowcomotion for over a year

45% have been playing in Blowcomotio for less than a year

45% are re-learners

29% are learners

16% are there for fun

87% feel the first hour sectionals are helpful

75% like the song selection as it is

79% believe the band does the right amount of gigs


We are updating our curriculum to better serve our current and future students.

Omar Garcia is adding new songs to our repertoire.  The newest song is “Sunday Morning.”



Reach us at


On the web at


Blowcomotion is a nonprofit corportion and has received a 501(c)(3) tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service.  All donations are tax-exempt. Blowcomotion greatly appreciates your financial and instrument donations.We are supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.